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26 October, 2016

Fall Dough Bowl with Natural Elements

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Fall Dough Bowl with Natural ElementsWith Thanksgiving only a few short weeks away, I am having fun playing with my grandmother's dough bowl and creating possible centerpieces for our holiday table! And with my emphasis on calm, soothing colors this year, I decided to try filling it with natural elements in shades of creamy whites and green.

24 October, 2016

The Scoop #246

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Scoop! Have you realized that Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away? It's time for me to get my holiday mojo on and start working on my tablescape! Sooo...I have gathered my five FAVORITE THANKSGIVING TABLESCAPES all in one place for a little inspiration! You can get a peek at them HERE. And...I am betting that you will find more Thanksgiving inspiration at today's party, so let's get started!

22 October, 2016

Five Favorite Thanksgiving Tablescapes

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Five Favorite Thanksgiving TablescapesWow! Have you realized that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away? It's time for me to get my mojo on and start planning! Sooo... I decided to take a look at five of my favorite tablescapes for a little turkey day inspiration! And I had a realization...they all have three things in common! Check them out and see if you can spot them!

17 October, 2016

The Scoop #245

Can you believe that October is now half over and Halloween is almost here? So I am sure there will be some fun ideas for decorating and celebrating the holiday shared at this week's Scoop! But if you have been too busy to get in the spirit, be sure to check out my SIX EASY LAST-MINUTE HALLOWEEN IDEAS...with everything from wreaths, pillows and candles to pumpkins and ghosts so easy to make that the kiddos can help! But first...on to the party!

16 October, 2016

Six Easy Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

October is flying by and Halloween is only two weeks away but it’s not too late to decorate! If you have a few minutes, you can still create some fun and easy decorations before the little ghosts and goblins start coming to your door! The kiddos can even get in on the fun as well! All you will need is a few inexpensive supplies. Any graphics or patterns are included in the posts!

12 October, 2016

Five Minute Pumpkin Spice Goats Milk Soap's that time of year! Time for pumpkin spice everything! :-) So I decided that I would get in the spirit and create something I have been thinking about for about a year...pumpkin spice soap! I love that wonderful smell that fills my favorite season and soap is the perfect way to enjoy it! And best of only took five minutes! No kidding!

10 October, 2016

The Scoop #244

Hi everyone and welcome to The Scoop! I'm excited because my favorite month has finally arrived and I get to be your host this week! I am sure you will be sharing lots of wonderful fall ideas and I can't wait to see them sooo... let's get started!

05 October, 2016

Easy and Inexpensive Faux Pumpkin Planter

I have a confession...this one is soooo easy that I hesitate to call it a tutorial! In fact, I can't believe that I didn't think of it sooner! And it's super inexpensive, too! I'm using softer colors in my fall d├ęcor this year and my previous pumpkin planter didn't quite work. I was eyeing those white craft pumpkins but they were either too short or too big and tall for my purposes. Then it dawned on me...