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26 March, 2015

Easy and Inexpensive...Paper Mache Bird's Nests

Yaay! Spring has finally sprung here in Georgia and soon the birds will begin building their nests! Not to be outdone, I have created a few little nests of my own to bring a little touch of spring indoors. Not only were they easy, but they were super inexpensive as well. And…you are not going to believe what they are made of!

23 March, 2015

Please Join Me for The Scoop #163

Woo hoo! Welcome to our first edition of the Scoop for spring! We're actually seeing signs that it has arrived here in Georgia with flowers and trees in bloom...beautiful! And I am adding Easter touches to my home...some for the little grands and some just for me!

22 March, 2015

Pottery Barn Inspired Glitter Eggs...with Time-Saving Cheat!

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Pottery Barn Inspired Glitter Eggs CheatHave I got a fun and easy Easter project for you…my Pottery Barn inspired glitter eggs! And I did it in almost no time because I cheated! Let me walk you through the steps and I will share my secret! You are not going to believe it, it’s sooo easy!

16 March, 2015

Please Join Me for The Scoop #162

Yaay! Spring is just a few days away from its official arrival and the weather here in Georgia is certainly reflecting it, too! I am getting the urge to start working in my yard but I'm holding off since we always get one last hard freeze. Yikes! However, Easter is starting to show up at my house no matter what the weather!

13 March, 2015

Fun No-Sew Bunny and Carrot Wreath

Here’s a fun wreath for Spring and Easter that has been cooking in the back of my mind for a while…my no-sew bunny and carrot wreath! I have had carrots on the brain lately (see some here) and have also had a lot of fun creating projects using felt, so this one fit right in! And…I think that the little grands will enjoy it, too, since this is the first trip that the Easter Bunny will be making when everyone really knows what’s going on!

09 March, 2015

Please Join Me for The Scoop #161

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining us at The Scoop! Can you believe that the official start of spring is less than two weeks away? Yippee! March is flying by already! But...don't let St. Paddy's Day come and go without checking out the $500 Pot O' Gold giveaway! Be sure enter before March 17th...and check out my shamrock wreath while you are there!

08 March, 2015

Easy No-Sew Felt Carrots

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT No-Sew Felt CarrotsI am excited because it’s time for the monthly share from our no-sew group and this time the theme is EASTER! I can already see from what’s catching my eye that I am going to be working around a theme...carrots! Yes, I know…weird, huh? But for some reason I am really loving carrots so this may be the first of several carrot-y projects! lol

04 March, 2015

Simple Centerpieces for Easter

Can you believe that Easter is only a month away? It’s time for me to get busy and add some Easter d├ęcor to my home! For me, a good place to start is always my breakfast room table. And since this year the little grands will be 4 and 5 and have a good grasp of what’s going on, I decided to use the Easter bunny as the focal point!

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